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Your lawyer in Brussels defends you before the Police Court if you are prosecuted for driving under the influence of narcotics, driving in a state of alcoholic intoxication or driving while intoxicated.

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Your attorney intervenes at your side or represents you in the police court of Brussels (or anywhere in Belgium) in drunk driving cases.

The penalties provided for alcohol or narcotics while driving are very severe and are regularly modified to increasingly penalize people who have driven under the influence.

Advices from a lawyer specialised in criminal law (and in particular traffic offences) is essential.

The law currently provides the possibility for the police court judge to impose very long driving bans to certain defendants sentenced for drunk driving or for having driven under the influence of narcotics

It is important that you have been able to discuss before the hearing with a competent lawyer to examine with him the various possible alternatives.

It is also essential that you can explain to your lawyer your personal situation and the concrete circumstances of the control which led you to be summoned before the police court.

BeLaw Brussels regularly represents defendants prosecuted before the police court for driving under the influence of alcoholohl, narcotics or drunk driving.

Contact your lawyer quickly BeLaw Brussels.

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