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BeLaw Brussels informs you of your rights as a convicted person and supports you with the advice of a lawyer in the decision-making process relating to the adjustment of your sentence.

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Your attorney installed in Brussels works alongside you before the judge and sentencing court as well as before the probation board.

The advice of a lawyer specializing in criminal law has become essential in Belgium in order to be able to calculate the length of the sentence who will be actually suffered by a convict both thel aw of the execution of sentences is arduous.

In Belgium, the sentence pronounced by the judge often does not correspond to the sentence which will actually be suffered by the convicted person.

The sentence enforcement judge and/or the sentence enforcement court may in fact grant - under certain strict conditions and at the request of the convicted person - alternative measures allowing the convicted person tonot to serve his sentence entirely within a prison.

Belaw Brussels offers you the advice of a lawyer inside or outside the prison in the law of execution of sentences and informs you of your rights when a final decision of conviction has been pronounced against you.Contact us!

Find here the addresses ofBelgian prisons, THEcontact details of justice houses and sentence enforcement courtsin Belgium.

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