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Your lawyer works in Brussels and everywhere in Belgium alongside suspects, defendants and victims of all types of offenses during the preliminary phase of the criminal trial.


Before the start of a criminal trial, a criminal file is compiled either under the direction of the public prosecutor ('information') or of an investigating judge ('instruction').

These magistrates gather the elements (existence of one or more offence(s), proof of the existence of the offence(s), identification of the perpetrators, etc.) which will or will not make it possible to organize a trial at a later date.

BeLaw Brussels offers you the assistance of a lawyer from the information phase whether you are suspected or the victim of an offence.

If the file is led by an investigative judge in Brussels or elsewhere in Belgium, your lawyer will explain you your rights and helps you to compile your file before and at the time of the end of the investigation ('règlement de procedure' before the council chamber).

Advice from a criminal lawyer can be essential and decisive in relation to the direction your case will take (discharge, referral to criminal court ,....).

So do not hesitate to contact your lawyer installed in the center of Brussels if you wish to know your rights during a criminal investigation and before your possible appearance before the council chamber.

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