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Call on your lawyer at BeLaw Brussels to assist you and represent you before the Court of Assizes.

The most serious crimes- essentially murder and manslaughter- are judged by the Assize Court.


It is the only criminal court in Belgium before which the person prosecuted (the accused) always has obligation to be assisted by a lawyer and in front of which a jury is present. (click here for more information on the assize court proceeding).


Three professional judges: a president and two ‘assessors’ are also present alongside the jurors (find here information published by the SPF Justice over the court of assizes)


The lawyers for the accused and civil parties- often specialized in criminal law - attend all of the public debates before the deliberations.


Both for the accused and for the civil parties, a trial before the Assize Court represents a considerable emotional burden. 


It is imperative to get help and advice from professionals benefiting from a criminal law expertise for this type of procedure.


Contact us to get a quick appointment with a criminal lawyer in Brussels.

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