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Your lawyer offers you a rigorous and high-quality defense before the Brussels police court (or elsewhere in Belgium) regardless of the offense for which you are being prosecuted. 


The law firm BeLaw Brussels represents its clients before thepolice court for all types of offenses: speeding, drunk driving, driving under the influence of narcotics,phone while driving,hit and run… but also forfatal accidentsor involvingseriously injured.


For 'minor' offences, it is often neither compulsory nor necessary to appear before the police court alongside your lawyer.

The lawyer can very often represent youto get you to work or if you are abroad at the time of your hearing.

For each case, your lawyer will assess with you the need to appear with him in court.


Receive asummons to appear before the police courtcan sometimes be stressful.


Aware of this, your lawyer will take the time to listen to you, to prepare a real defense strategy with you and to answer all of your questions.before, during and after the court hearing.

Your lawyer will also inform you of the amount of hisfeesfrom the first appointment.

If the vehicle with which the offense was committed was insuredjuridic protectionat the time of the events - and this, even if you have changed vehicles or if you have since terminated your insurance contract -your insurance will cover the costs and  fees of the lawyer of your choice.


You will therefore not have to pay your lawyer!

Do not hesitate to contactBeLaw Brusselsif you want advice from aexperienced lawyer before the police court.

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