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Fines imposed by the police court in Belgium: your lawyer can advise you.

Have you received a copy of a police court judgment and have you questions about it?

Our lawyers will be happy to help you quickly in Brussels or Walloon Brabant.

If you have received an invitation to pay or a copy of a police court judgment but do not understand its content, contact a lawyer immediately!

The first question you should ask is whether you can still appeal the verdict.

The BeLaw law firm can quickly check this first point for you, so do not hesitate to contact us.

What should I do if the judgment is final? Can my lawyer help me apply for a payment arrangement?

If the judgement is final, you must pay the amount of the fine and costs listed on the payment request from the SPF Finance within the stipulated time limit.

However, a payment plan can be requested from the FPS Finance.

In principle, the assistance of a lawyer is not required.

The procedure for requesting a payment plan and the address of the office responsible for the request are listed on the payment request.

However, do not hesitate to ask your lawyer for help if this is difficult for you.

Why does the amount of the fine orally pronounced by the judge at the hearing not match the amount the SPF Finance is asking me to pay?

First, all fines imposed by the Police Court should be increased by 'opdecisms' to reflect the increase in the cost of living.

Currently, the amount of fines imposed by the Police Court should be multiplied by 8.

For example:

If you have been fined €200, you actually have to pay a fine of €1,600.

If the court imposed a fine of €200 conditionally for (sursis) €100, you have to pay a fine of €800 (€1,600 - €800).

If the police court then imposed a correctional sentence against you (a fine of more than 25 euros or a prison sentence of more than 7 days in the case of the police court), you have to pay a contribution to the Victim Support Fund, currently set at 200 euros.

Since 2017, all those convicted in criminal cases must also pay a contribution to the second-line legal assistance fund.

This fund is designed to provide second-line legal aid (formerly known as 'pro bono').

In 2023, this contribution will be €24.

To the amount of the fine multiplied by the additional 'decimes' and increased by the various contributions are added the costs of the summons and all other miscellaneous costs, as well as the compensation of 50 euros determined by Article 91 § 2 of the law of 28 December 1950.

After a police court proceeding, the amounts payable can be significant, even if the fine imposed seems reasonable.

It is therefore important that you seek the advice and assistance of a lawyer before the police court to properly prepare your defence, understand the ins and outs of the penalties and measures imposed by the court and be aware of the legal remedies available to you.

If you have legal expenses insurance for your vehicle, your insurance may pay the fees of the lawyer of your choice in full.

If you have received a summons to appear before the police court in Brussels, Walloon Brabant (Nivelles and Wavre) or anywhere else in Belgium(Halle, Vilvoorde), contact us immediately!


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