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Valérie-Anne DECERF was sworn in at the Brussels Bar in 2011, where she still practices mainly as a lawyer.


Since January 2023, Valérie-Anne DECERF is also member of the Walloon Brabant (Brabant-Wallon) Bar, where she has set up her secondary law office.


She provide advice at all stages of the proceedings throughout Belgium but mainly in Brussels and Walloon Brabant (Brabant-Wallon).


Her interest in criminal law appeared very quickly during her law studies.


This interest turned into a real passion for the profession of criminal lawyer after she travelled to the United States to assist the teams of the 'Innocence Project’.


The Innocence Project is an association of criminal law professors and criminal lawyers that has been working for years to defend wrongfully convicted and prisoners in the United States.


Its main motivation in practicing law is to defend any person, regardless of the offence they are accused of, in the same way that it would defend someone close to her.


Your lawyer is firmly convinced that every person has the right to have the assistance of a lawyer to be defended.


« However terrible, however odious their acts, there are no men on this earth whose guilt is total and of whom one must forever despair totally ». -Robert Badinter

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